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"The Sultana - April 27, 1865"

(deluxe edition)

Deluxe Edition - $20 (plus $2 S&H)

CD packaging material is 100% recycled chipboard, hand-packaged using original artwork ink stamps.

The Deluxe Edition contains:

Hand stamped Eco-Wallet containing a 2 disc set of the full album with audio bonus content (full orchestral version of Sultana © 1879, The Sultana -piano duet for 4 hands and The Narrative audiobook), full length Bonus disc of “Get A Log – The Making of The Sultana”, 12 Panel parchment paper insert, 4 collectable Sultana original art-work stickers, a 9.5”x14” color glossy Sultana Poster and The
Boarding Pass which provides the internet access code for additional downloads and rotating content